Does your pet struggle with situational anxiety (vehicle nausea, vet visits, fireworks, thunderstorms) ? Do they require assistance with pain management or chronic anxiety? Try Suzie's CBD Treats and help promote the general health and overall wellness of your pet.  Suzie's CBD is USDA certified organic and is grown on their own farm in Colorado
The company is loyal to small businesses & only partners with other independent retailers like Val's! You can feel good about your purchase, because Suzie's gives 10% of their profits back to local animal rescues and shelters from their "Suzie's To The Rescue" program.

Come in to VAL's today and check out our selection of Suzie's CBD Treats for your fur baby!
Bird pic


We carry a wide selection of wild bird supplies.
We have Michigan bird specific seed to ensure that the birds maintain their health. We have even created our own mixture to ensure that our customers give their birds the highest quality seed.
We have large selection of bird houses to keep the birds fed.


Large selection of supplies for you feline friend.
We carry dry food & canned food. We carry major brands from Purina to Triumph and everything in between.
Large selection of litter, from small containers to large bags for the multi-cat houses.
Dog pic


Large selection of dog supplies
We have everything for you dog. Dry dog food, treats, toys & beds. Your dog will have everything they need to be a happy doggy. 
Small animal pic

Small Animal 

If you have a small animal we have you covered. From Hamsters to Turtles, we carry aquariums, cages, bedding & food for most small animals.